Frequently Asked Questions

How does my Event in a Box connect to the internet? 

  • For our rental Event in a Box’s, we include a 2 GB SIM card in our router. All you have to do is plug the router in.
  • For our purchased boxes, we include a router and a modem but you will be responsible for purchasing the SIM card. Most of our modems are compatible with T-mobile or AT&T, but you can absolutely provide your own mobile hotspot as well and plug that into the router we provide.
  • Alternatively, you can purchase a hard-wired ethernet connection from your venue and connect that to your router.
  • Your last option is to operate offline. Many features of OnArrival may not work correctly without internet connectivity, however badge printing and basic check in can be done offline.

How long is my Event in a Box rental?

  • Our default rental is 5 days. That starts the day your box is requested to be delivered and it has to be dropped off with Fedex (US and Canada) by the end of the 6th day. You can easily purchase additional rental days ahead of time, but if you are delayed in returning the box you’ll be charged late fees per day.

How do I know where my box is or when it will be delivered?

  • You’ll receive a confirmation email as soon as your box is purchased to confirm that we received the order. From there, we want to keep your inbox clear until we have shipped the box. At that point, you’ll receive an email with your tracking information that you can keep an eye on things leading up to your event.

How do I get help with my Event in a Box?

  • Someone from our support team should be reaching out to the person who ordered your Event in a Box within a few days to introduce themselves. In case you aren’t the person who ordered the box, you can always reach out to our customer care team at any point to get some help.
  • You can also reply directly to your confirmation email if you have questions.

What happens if something gets damaged or lost?

  • Unfortunately, we’re going to have to work with you to pay for replacement of the item. Let us know as soon as you realize anything is missing or damaged so we can try to help mitigate the issue before it gets too expensive.

I’m based in Europe or my box is going to be ordered to a European country, anything I need to know?

  • Just like with our North American service, we provide mobile broadband through Europe for our rental boxes. For our purchases you will need to provide your own SIM card.
  • Just like with our North American service, you will be responsible for dropping off your Event in a Box at a shipment location when you are finished with your rental. A prepaid label will be in the box to make this easy for you. In Europe, you need to actually schedule this pickup. Please make sure you take care of this at the beginning of your rental to avoid late fees.
  • The router we provide and your different SIM choice setup is slightly different than our North American service. Please see our technical documentation for additional instructions.