Australia - Event in a Box Purchase

Australia - Event in a Box Purchase

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Purchased Event in a Box's do not come with an active internet connection. You will either need to secure a hardline internet connection (ethernet) at your venue with requirements below or purchase a 4G LTE SIM Card and configure the included modem. 

Purchased Event in a Boxes can take up to 2 weeks of lead time. Do not order this if you have an urgent event need. 

Rental Terms

  • Rentals are five days in length.
  • Begins on the scheduled day of arrival.
  • If the box arrives early, you will not be charged additional rental days.
  • Additional days requested will be automatically added to your shopping cart.
  • Late fees will be assessed unless an extended rental period has been requested and paid for.

The Australian Event in a Box is similar to the U.S. version but includes hardware compatible with Australia network providers. If your event is located in Australia, you must select this option. 

The Regular Event in a Box is ideal for events with a maximum of 250 attendees. This box supports only black, dynamic printing and includes the following:

  • 2 iPads w/ Tabletop stands
  • 1 Zebra GK420D Direct Thermal Printer
  • 1 TP Link MR200 Router including preset SIM card from network provider
    • Note: Hardline internet connection (Ethernet) is recommended for a more reliable connectivity 
  • Direct Thermal, Non-Adhesive Badge Stock. You have the choice between:
    • Single-Sided: 4" x 3" - 500 Badges
    • Double-Sided: 4" x 6" - 250 Badges (This badge is 4'' x 6'' with a perforation at every 3")
      • Badge Holders: ensure your badge holders are wider than 4" to accommodate your 4" badge.

The Large Event in a Box is ideal for events with a maximum of 500 attendees. This box supports only black, dynamic printing and includes the following: 

  • 4 iPads w/ Tabletop stands
  • 2 Zebra GK420D Direct Thermal Printers
  • 1 TP Link MR200 Router including preset SIM card from network provider, Three.
  • Direct Thermal, Non-Adhesive Badge Stock. Choice between:
    • Single-Sided: 4" x 3" - 1000 Badges
    • Double-Sided: 4" x 6" - 500 Badges (This badge is 4'' x 6'' with a perforation at every 3")
      • Badge Holders: ensure your badge holders are wider than 4" to accommodate for the 4" badge. 

** Note: more equipment is recommended if registration occurs in a short window of time.  

If you are ordering badge holders, please ensure holders are 4.25" wide so 4" wide badges can easily slide into the holder.

OnArrival Premium License

Please be aware that you must have an OnArrival Premium license in order to print badges within the OnArrival mobile application. Don't have an OnArrival Premium license yet? Contact your Account Manager for details.  


Ground shipping is included in price within Australia. Additional shipping costs may apply to countries outside of Australia. Please see shipping calculator on the checkout page.

Each box contains a return shipping label. The customer is responsible for forfeiting the box back to the shipper with the return label on the last day of their rental period or additional late fees will be charged.

Hardware Warranty: Purchased iPads, Printers, and Routers come with a standard 1 year manufacturer's warranty that covers malfunctions not due to misuse. Defective equipment can be returned directly to Cvent within 30 days of purchase for a replacement. After 30 days, you are responsible for reaching out to the manufacturer directly to discuss replacement. We recommend registering your new hardware with the applicable manufacturers to make any warranty submission or returns easier. 

Returning Event in a box? If you are not planning to use the box, please return it to Cvent within 15 days of purchase. The box needs to be unused and no Apple IDs should be created for iPads. 20% restocking fees will be deducted and refund will be initiated.


51cm x 46cm x 43cm 12 kg

61cm x 53cm x 42cm 19 kg 

Setup and Support

As a part of your Event in a Box Purchase, you'll receive a number of various support resources. Reference the Frequently Asked Questions section on this site for more detail. Note: rentals or purchases made within five (5) days of their requested delivery date are not eligible for standard on-boarding / support. 

Still have questions? Visit the Cvent Support Community to download the International Event in a Box Guide or call our Customer Support Team.

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